Fitness Exercise Equipment Review: The Kettler Golf P

December 28th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

Need a complete cardiovascular workout in the privacy of your here home? Why don&25264; you try using exercise bikes which is the ideal fitness exercise equipment for those looking to work out on a limited space? These are good for burning calories and fat, as well as building endurance and strengthening muscles. All you got to do is to adjust the handle and the seat to make sure it fits you and that you&25262;e comfortable and then start pedaling away to a great body. Also, most fitness equipment nowadays comes equipped with fitness computer console so that you can find a workout that suits you. With a simple touch of a button you can choose and personalize a workout to your liking. However, choosing the right brand for you may not be that easy. So here&25263; some information on the Kettler Golf P for your consideration.

Overall rating: Fitness Exercise Equipment
4.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:
The Kettler Golf P has a blue backlit fitness training computer console that holds up to eight training programs. The futuristic tachometer computer screen could also display significant training data including time, distance, speed and pedaling speed as well as calories burnt and energy consumption. Pulse is measured electronically thru included hand and ear clip sensors. This fitness equipment also comes with very comfortable saddle and handles bars that could be manually adjusted either horizontally or vertically.

Fitness Exercise Equipment Price:
About ?29.00 Inc VAT

Product Description:
The Kettler Golf P is sure packed with incredible features including its magnetic brake resistance system which is the superior choice for consistency and quiet function. It has 15 levels of adjustable resistance giving your workouts the challenge it needs for you to grow and reach your physical fitness goals. This beautiful fitness exercise equipment also has perspiration-resistant console keys which assures you that it will last a long time. The fitness console LCD also measures your heart rate via the hand grips and the ear clips but telemetric heart rate monitoring via chest belt is optional. It also has recovery pulse with target zone training and fitness rating.

Product Specifications:
The Kettler Golf P has a maximum user weight of 150 kg or approximately 20 stones and is 110cm long, 53cm wide and 135cm high. It has a flywheel mass of 9kg. It has gravity pedals and foot straps to ensure safety to the user. It also has a low mounting height which is extremely wide. This fitness exercise equipment also has floor levelers and front wheels for efficient storage and portability.

About Kettler
The Kettler Group has been in the business of producing high quality fitness exercise equipment since 1949 and is a German company. In 2010 and click this website 2009, Kettler received the highest award in the prestigious Plus X Awards which is the &25559;ost Innovative Brand of the Year.?The Plus X Awards is an international competition for technology, sports and lifestyle.
With Kettler you can be assured of quality, precision and durability.

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