Fitness Equipment Overview: The Beny Sports V-fit AR1 Artemis II Air Rowing Machine

December 27th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

The most beneficial kind of exercise is one that a person can take pleasure in. Is there anything more dull that stepping on a boring treadmill, and walking ceaselessly for what seems to be forever. Aside from that, people generally use treadmills for a lower body workout which means they need another piece of equipment to condition the upper body. This is a scenario that takes up a lot of your time. The solution? Get an exercise machine to work out your entire physique. One sort of fitness equipment that does this quite well is the rower. Read on to learn about an affordable machine: the Beny check here Sports V-fit AR1 Artemis II air rower.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of a possible 5 stars

Key Features:

Fashioned just like health club rowers which are priced at hundreds of dollars higher, this conditioning machine is manufactured with a completely encased air resistance structure. Although it works the whole body, a rower like the V-fit AR1 especially targets the back, shoulders and arms. Using a rower also provides cardiovascular benefits. With its durable aluminium rowing rail, this exerciser compacts so that you can store it effortlessly. Its padded seat is big, comfy, and fixed onto a resilient, smooth roller device. Functioning with a gym-type chain rowing action, this AR1 gives smooth movement; however, the resistance is not adaptable. The balanced 7kg flywheel is made from cast iron. The foot straps are adjustable.


Around ?50.00

Item Description:

Unlike most rowers and fitness equipment in its class, the AR1 carries the SGS-GS TUV mark, which is a well-known and highly respected impartial and voluntary product certification from Germany. Products so marked are tested and certified to comply with a stringent German product safety act, the terms of which are accepted throughout the EU. The AR1 can tolerate a ceiling user weight of 115kg and the product weighs 19.5kg when it is completely assembled. It has an attractive, chip resistant white epoxy powder coat finish. Designed with wheels for transporting situated on the front frame end caps, this equipment can be moved and positioned simply. Furthermore, it comes with sit-flat rear frame support caps. The rowing action is single/sculling. The row arm is a 25mm bar with high density foam padded grips.

Product Technical Info:

The oblong tubular steel main frame components measure 80mm x 40mm and 50mm x 25mm. The machine’s oblong rowing rail’s proportions are 115mm by 50mm. The size of the rower when assembled is 44cm x 74cm x 212cm. The AR1 is deliberated for residential employment by Beny Sports who has more than ten design patents and whose entire collection of merchandise complies with strict European safety standards. Beny Sport’s advanced line of products are sold in numerous Western Europe countries, South America, and also the United States. The AR1 is available in specialty stores, department stores, hypermarkets, and mail order catalogues.

Summing It Up

When shopping for fitness equipment such as a beginner’s level air rower, take a careful look at the Beny Sports series. It provides an ultimate mixture of performance and budget-friendly cost for spend thrifty users just starting into a fitness regimen.

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