Fishbowl Inventory is a perfect solution for Growing Businesses

December 26th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

It is really important for a growing business to switch over from the tools which gets outnumbered or cannot meet the current requirement. Every solution which was better earlier when company was small cannot provide the same solution when company works from more than one location which means number of customers have increased which ultimately increases everything including number of orders, transactions, inventory inflow and outflow etc. Sticking to the same business tool will hamper the productivity as well as owner will not be able to get the current picture of the business.
At that point of time, businesses always want that kind of a tool or software which can create consumer specific pricing model. A pricing model can also be required on the basis of volume of orders. It always becomes a challenge to work and improve key performance indicators like on-time delivery of the orders given by the clients, filling up of rate as per the order and the negotiation done with the client etc.
Apart from that one may also look for traceability recordkeeping which can record each and every transaction done in any branch of the business. Beyond this one require that software which is easy to use. Software like Quickbooks are really excellent software but one require training and a lot of practice to learn how to work on it. And companies do not want to spend time to train employees on Accounting and inventory software. This situation emerges the requirement of software which could meet all the concerns as well as easy to use. One more challenge one may face is to import data into it from the software which was in use previously. The last but not the least is the cost factor.
One of the software which meets this kind of requirement is Fishbowl Inventory. Fishbowl Inventory is the solution which integrates with software like Quickbooks and is a standalone solution for the businesses looking to track assets. Few of the benefits one may draw following feature out of it:-
• That Fishbowl Inventory can easily be integrated with the software like Quickbooks. Fishbowl inventory is tailor made solutions which considering support to Quickbooks. While one can still depend on Quickbooks for Accounting purpose and integrate the share this website data with Fishbowl Inventory to maintain Inventory. For Quickbooks users, it provides the same kind of advance features, mobile inventory management control, flexibility which a large firm enjoys.
• With Fishbowl min/max reorder points, Customizable records which results into improved reordering process.
• One can also customize the reports so as to predict Sales Turnover. By this company can take proactive measures to meet clients requirement and complete the order in time.
• Businesses having multiple branches can transfer the inventory data between different warehouses.
• Setting up customer specific pricing or order specific pricing may take a bit longer time but once it is done managing or making any changes becomes very easy and convenient. One can create multiple schedules based on customer sales volume.
• Order acknowledgement, packing slip and invoice templates can also be customized and one can get the performance delivered and exceed benefit on costs.
• One can track assets easily. It gets easier for customer service to check stock at one glance and to ensure what quantity is in stock at any location. Fisbowl’s Pick screen, one can make a part of an order shipped from one location and the rest from other locations.
• It is one of the software which is really compatible for Cloud Environment. One can go for Fishbowl inventory hosting and can enjoy the benefits of Cloud computing which enable people to work from any location here with multi-user environment. It click this website enables one to get updated data out of it.
All in all one can rely on Fishbowl Inventory software when it comes to manage and track inventory. It’s easy integration with Quickbooks ensures that data will be utilized in both of the software once entered into Quickbooks. It becomes really cost effective, when hosted in cloud environment. One of the inventory software, a growing business can go for.

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