Fishbowl Inventory Hosting Provides Secured Inventory Management

December 26th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

QuickBooks Hosting has always been a better way to handle the accounting needs for professionals who deal in all such issues. Hosting provides proper utilizing of your accounting software. This accounting software comes with different tools to manage different aspects of any business. But it has very limited capability in these fields, for example its inventory control tool has limited capacity. Therefore, for the businesses which want proper inventory control then they should opt for third party software along with their accounting software. Fishbowl inventory is one such software which is not developed by intuit but it integrates with QuickBooks and is capable for inventory control functions. The capacity of Fishbowl inventory is much greater than QuickBooks. It has some other features too which keep it in the category of an efficient software and add-on.
Actually Fishbowl is a QuickBooks add-on; there is a variety of QuickBooks add-ons like SourceLink, eBridge Solutions, Commtrack, Qblinkup, Adobe Acrobat etc. While integrating your accounting software and its add-on, you can experience the following capabilities:
• It creates multilevel bills of materials and work orders.
• It also tracks an almost unlimited number of parts.
• It can easily track parts as many locations as per your requirement. It uses using serial numbers, lot numbers or revision numbers for tracking.
• With this you can automatically reorder parts when they reach a low threshold.
• You can also create manufacture orders to oversee complex manufacturing jobs with multiple work orders.
• This allows you to check the status of products that are in production.
• One can also gain access to an inventory database through mobile devices.
• It manages all your warehouses in multiple locations.
When we use Fishbowl inventory hosting then it further increases the capabilities of the accounting software. Hosting means putting your Fishbowl on cloud and accesses the same over the internet network. The vendors who provide hosting services are call cloud computing or application hosting service providers. They provide virtual servers for you to store your data and run your application. You only access your application through internet and your experience is just like a desktop interface or web interface. Actual IT requirements are fulfilled by these vendors. Thus you can easily put your QuickBooks add-on on cloud and get it hosted along with the QuickBooks. Fishbowl inventory hosting does not require you to indulge into software or hardware configuration and setup. Therefore you do not need to hire special staff and you can easily reduce your cost.
Not only this, with Fishbowl inventory hosting, you can easily keep track on all warehouses sitting at a single place, just by a click. You can also import the data in QuickBooks accounting software for its processing. Hosted Fishbowl inventory allows you to access your inventory control software from any part of the world, round the clock. Thus you can manage your inventory even while travelling. It provides you the flexibility and reduces hectic while working. Cloud Computing or Application Hosting service providers bring you share this site reliable and secured access. They save your data in multiple location so that if one server gets down somehow then you may get here the access from another. Also the data and information transferred on the internet is encrypted, under high security of firewalls, data centers are situated in cool and secured environment. Hence with Fishbowl Inventory Hosting you get secured and reliable inventory management with QuickBooks integration.

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