Legal Zune Music Downloads 101

October 30th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

Many people all over the world are asking about “legal Zune music downloads”. Zune is unlike other popular media devices. It frees owners from DRM download requirements. DRM or digital rights management is copyright information embedded on mp3s. Most mp3s are encoded with DRM, which prohibits downloaders from distributing songs. Because of DRM restriction, it is now possible to legally download Zune music. But where can you find them?

Zune Marketplace

Zune Marketplace is like the iTunes of iPod. But don’t be confused. Playing iTunes songs on your Zune player can be a little challenging. iTunes mp3s are not compatible with a Zune device because of the embedded DRM. So, the safest way is to download a song from Zune Marketplace. The Marketplace has most of the songs available on iTunes since Microsoft, the manufacturer of Zune, has partnered with America’s biggest recording labels: Sony BMG, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.

Zune Marketplace is a subscription based service, our website which means you need to sign up and pay for the songs you are going to download. Like iTunes store, however, you can also find free legal Zune music downloads. These free songs are recorded by independent artists.

Premium MP3 Download Sites

These websites are neither connected with any media device manufacturers nor with recording labels. Premium mp3 websites are online retailers that offer mp3 downloads on either a subscription free or a per download basis. Most of these websites offer a free 30-day trial with limited number of downloads. You can try out the service for one month, and on the first day after the 30th, you will then be charged for every download you make.

All songs in these websites are legal and they also come with a download manager, a piece of software that works pretty much like the Zune Software. It allows you to manage your downloads, and even synchronize the download manager with your device. Just make sure though that the website offers compatible Zune formats.

Online Streaming Radio Stations

Streaming stations are also likely places to find legal Zune music downloads. Their pop-up players typically scroll details click this of the currently playing song. Below the details, you will find a link to their online store. Downloads from online radio stations are reliable since they have good connections with the major recording companies.

What about using free sites to get Zune music downloads? My advice is to avoid those totally free sites. Essentially, they earn their money by offering adware and spyware laden client applications to users. You get free music, while they get to flash those persistent and irritating commercial ad pop-ups, pop-overs, pop-unders before you. Worse still, if you are not careful, viruses here will make their way to your computer. So, do spend a little money and enjoy your peace of mind downloading legal Zune music downloads today instead.

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