How To Impress Guests With Your Electric Smoker Skills

October 30th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

Electric smokers are great for making good impressions on your guests, because they are quite simple to keep at an even temperature throughout the cooking time. With these few tips, your meal will come out perfectly, and you can proudly accept the compliments as dessert is served.

When you select your meat for smoking, make absolutely sure that it will fit in the smoker. This is especially true with ribs and turkey. Pork and chicken need to be brined before cooking read more to keep them tender and juicy. Most cookbooks recommend brining no more than 30 minutes, but for larger cuts pork it is perfectly fine to brine them overnight in the refrigerator.

A good brine will completely cover the meat. Salt the water well, add some sugar if you desire, and leave it covering the meat for at least two to three hours before cooking. Pat the meat dry with paper towels after you remove it from the brine. It will not brown properly if it is wet. Then add any seasoning you plan to use before putting it in the smoker.

Selecting the best flavor of wood chips for your meat and vegetables is also important in overall flavor. There is a lot of room for experimentation with wood chips, but try something slightly out of the ordinary if you are trying to impress guests.

For red meat, walnut, cherry, acacia, apricot, mesquite, pecan, almond, oak and apple all work well. But each one imparts a slightly different flavor, so it pays to experiment. If you are cooking pork, good wood chips include almond, apple, pecan, apricot, birch, cherry and maple. Good wood chips for cooking ham are apple, peach, pecan and other milder flavors.

Good wood chips for cooking poultry are maple, apple, peach, acacia, alder, oak and birch. If you use birch make sure fifa 16 hack cheats that there is no bark left. The bark can give off a bitter flavor. For more information cooking fish, alder wood gives a mild, sweet smoke. Apple and peach are also mild flavors for smoking fish.

When you are ready to cook, preheat the electric smoker for about five to ten minutes before adding the wood chips. When the chips begin to smoke, it is time to add the food. Use only two to four ounces of wood chips at a time, and avoid over smoking foods, which makes them bitter. Instead of adding just water to the water pan, try apple juice, beer, wine or vinegar for an impressive touch. You can also put herbs and spices in the water pan to impart additional flavor.

Many cooks remove the food halfway through the smoking process and wrap it in foil. This insures doneness and helps to maintain texture. If you want to give your meat a good exterior bark, remove the water pan about an hour before cook time is complete. The bark gives meat that professionally cooked look that is so impressive in outdoor cooking.

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