How to Get Started with Model Rocketry

October 30th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

Building and flying models of rockets is a superb pastime and it is nowhere near as pricey as many people may have thought. The wonderful aspect of model rockets is that you can enjoy two parts of the hobby. Firstly, you can construct, paint and decorate your rocket and then you get all the fun and excitement of launching fifa 16 hack cheats it and seeing it come safely back to earth.

To make a model rocket you don&25264; need to have lots special equipment or know how and it is simple click it to get to grips with. You are able to purchase relatively cheap model rocket kits from one of the large manufacturers, such as a company called Estes.

Estes are probably the best-known makers of flying model rockets and they supply a huge range of kits and supplies. The company was, in fact, the very first to mass produce model rocket engines, and they have gone from strength to strength from there.

The types of models that you can get on the market vary in difficulty through five skill levels. They go all the way from Level 1 kits, which are for beginners, to level five kits that might take weeks to make and will require a lot of rocketry experience.

Constructing and launching model rockets is completely safe and it is a pastime that everybody can enjoy. The general recommendation is that model rockets are suitable for children over the age of ten and adult supervision is recommended for the launch when children under the age of 12 are present.

Constructing an easy to assemble rocket kit is quite straightforward. The basic parts of a flying model rocket are a cardboard tube body, balsa or plastic fins, a nose cone and a recovery parachute or streamers. To that basic setup you will add a rocket motor, which you will usually need to buy separately. You will also need a rocket launch system.

Although that may click it seem like a lot of bits and pieces, making a flying model rocket is a surprisingly cheap pastime to take up and many of the parts mentioned above can be reused, including the rocket itself. What you will need to replace after each flight is the engine and something known as recovery wadding.

You can introduce yourself to the hobby of flying model rockets by constructing ready to fly, almost ready to fly, or easy to assemble models, all of which take under an hour to assemble and need no specialist skills. Once you have completed a few of those, you might then want to move on to some of the complex construction kits.
There is also a very helpful and supportive model rocketry community that you can become a part of. There are lots of model rocket clubs and events that you can join and plenty of online forums where you can get tips and advice.

So, if you are looking for a hobby that is as fascinating as it is exciting and that won&25264; cost you a fortune, model rocketry could be just what you have been looking for.

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