Are You Concerned About The Multitude Of Viruses And Bacteria You Come In Contact With Each Day?

August 31st, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

If your not – YOU SHOULD BE!! Do you know about VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus)? Probably not. The most likely place to pick up VRE is the door handle of a public rest room. Consider using the towel you dried your hands on as a protective shield when you open the door.

VRE is a robust bacteria and has been found on hospital personnel’s hands after five seconds of hand washing. It is recommended that you wash your hands for twenty seconds with an antibacterial soap every time before you eat. Note that means right before you eat. If you are eating in a restaurant and have been handling the menu, you could have picked up VRE.

VRE is very dangerous because it cannot be controlled with antibiotics, and it causes life-threatening infections in people with compromised immune systems — the very young, the very old, and the very ill.

It is especially dangerous because it can easily transmit the resistance genes to other, more dangerous bacteria, such as staph and strep. Anyone who comes in contact with the bacteria can become a carrier. Once you become a carrier you can easily spread the bacteria to friends and family. In addition, if you become a chronic carrier of VRE, you could easily become infected when you are older or in declining health.

The spread of VRE isn’t thoroughly documented or understood. VRE first appeared in the U.S. on the East Coast and spread to the West Coast. It’s very important to avoid becoming a carrier if you share a home with those at risk — the very young, the very old or the very ill.

You can be exposed to VRE by coming in contact with a contaminated object or person, or by eating contaminated food. Of course, you can
be exposed to VRE read more by a single visit to the hospital, but people who work in hospitals (even administrative personnel) are at a much higher risk for being exposed and becoming a carrier. Most of us know or have loved ones that are employed in the medical field. They could easily become a carrier of VRE or even could be a carrier now.

VRE is very dangerous read here to newborn babies because they haved an immature immune system that cannot cope with many different types of germs. This danger becomes even more serious when germs cannot be treated with antibiotics.

Are you wondering how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this very deadly germ and others that are just as deadly? Example: MRSA or CA-MRSA. The answer to this serious growing problem is a new non-toxic disinfectant.

I want to introduce you to IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense! Unlike most commonly-used commercial or household antibacterial or cleaning products, it is non-toxic, colorless, odoless, non-flammable and non-corrosive. There are no fumes and it does not cause skin irritation. NO poisonous chemicals like alcohol or bleach. Fast acting, (kills germs as fast as 30 seconds), once applied to a surface, it continues to kill germs for 24 hours, as registered by the U.S. EPA.

This is a tremendous benefit for areas such as desks in schools and offices, tables, counters and other high traffic areas. Bacteria can not build up resistance to IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense. IV-7 is strong enough to kill the most dangerous bacteria (VRE or MRSA) and viruses (Influenza A) in any environment, yet EPA registered for use on children’s toys at home. No rinsing required.

This is not an ordinary product. It kills a long list of germs. Other applications in health care, personal care and industrial use such as food processing are in development. Let IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense bring you peace and security. To buy this remarkable germ defense, or to learn about distributorship opportunities that are now available, visit my website and please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Waynette Edwards
V & W Associatesx

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