Tips For Cooking On The Go

June 20th, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

Tips for Cooking on the Go

Being able to produce a healthy meal that is quick and easy to prepare is an art in itself. For this reason many resort to order in meals instead of cooking a fresh meal from scratch. Yet there are so many time saving gadgets available that when combined with fresh ingredients offer all the tools necessary to produce convenience foods.

Food on the Go

People on the go can benefit immensely from time saving gadgets and accessories. They provide not only the means produce a healthy and quick meal but they also offer a perfect solution for planning and storing meals for future use. For instance breakfast is for many a task that is often overlooked. Yet with a gadget such as the Micro Egg Cups this needn&25264; be the case. You are able to cook an egg in less time than it takes to make a coffee. Whether you enjoy boiled, scrambled or poached you can have breakfast on a plate in less than 1 minute. Just place it into the microwave along with your preferred seasoning and you have a perfect meal.

If there is more than one person to feed in the morning the Egg Genie will provide perfectly cooked eggs for up to 7 servings. Simply place the eggs into their allocated slots, fill with the required amount of water and switch it on.

Another great invention is the Smoothie Blender and Bottles. This is a personal blender and drink bottle in one package. You can create a highly nutritious breakfast or protein shake to go. It offers a spill proof bottle with a flip-top top together with a built in straw which means you can enjoy your breakfast even while driving you car.

The Cereal On-the-Go allows you to take your breakfast with you wherever you go. Simply fill it up the night before, cereal of fruit on top and milk or yogurt at the bottom, place it in the fridge and the next morning you are ready to go. It comes with a spill-proof base that keeps milk fresh for hours as well as a reusable spoon stored in the lid.

Perhaps you prefer to take something more substantial to work with you, or on your daily travels. If this is the case you would benefit from Portion Control Bowls or the Divided Plate & Lid Set. The 3-sectioned divided plate offers a convenient way to store individual left-overs. You can easily heat it in the microwave and serve an entire meal in one dish.

For dieters the Portion Control Bowls allow you to allocate your daily allowance in one bowl. You won&25264; have to bother with scales or measuring cups as each ceramic bowl is imprinted with measurements on the inside.

The Salad Blaster is another handy gadget which allows you to take a healthy well balanced meal to work with you. In the lid is space for a ice pack that chills your salad for up to 6 hours. When you are ready you simply twist a knob and release your salad dressing from its in-built dispenser. It comes with its own eating utensils too. Why not use the Slap Chop hand operated gadget which will dice and chop your salad in a matter of seconds.

There love here are a host of gadgets available that have been specifically designed for people on the go. From Yogurt Makers to Electric Cup Warmers to Microwave Pasta cookers the choices are vast and practical.

Slow Cooker

Almost every cook faced with time restraints understands how a Slow Cooker can make delicious and nutritious meals in one dish. Simply place the ingredients in the Slow Cooker in the morning and come home to a perfectly cooked meal. This kitchen accessory is perhaps one of the most practical tools anyone can own. It leaves the busy cook time to tidy the house, attend to homework or simply sit and relax when they get home from work. If you team this with handy and practical storage solutions that can be pre-packed the night before you begin to understand how a Slow Cooker can literally change your life.

There is perhaps no better kitchen gadget that can benefit you and your family. Cutting down on preparation and cooking time, a Slow Cooker can provide solutions to meal planning too.


Special mention should be made of this kitchen accessory. Offering tabletop cooking that includes roasting, baking, steaming and frying this product offers 3-way cooking as well. It combines conventional cooking as well as convection and infrared technology. It uses these three methods simultaneously during cooking. Conduction allows heat in direct contact while infrared heat delivers the right amount of internal cooking and convection completes cooking by circulating heated air around the food.

What this means for the busy cook is a way to prepare meals that needn&25264; be defrosted first. From freezer to appliance, within minutes a meal is ready to serve.

There are perhaps few appliances that can offer this level of practicality for people on the go. You can even take them on holiday with you.

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