A Review Of The Electric Mountain Bike, Folding Model Ez008

February 23rd, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

A Review Of The Electric Mountain Bike, Folding Model Ez008

I feel this is a well-designed bike that is seriously needed in a world of excessive pollution with everyone dependent on steadily rising gas prices.

Most battery-powered bikes in the past had their battery located above the rear wheel which could cause instability. A Lead Acid battery was used (like your car battery) which I could never understand the idea of a volatile battery on my bike.

This battery made those bikes extremely top heavy, most weighed 75 to 95 pounds, had a short traveling range, and almost no ability to climb hills.

The Electric Folding Mountain Bike being reviewed has none of those shortcomings.

Battery technology caught up, the NiMH battery was designed and became a much more functional battery. Today the Lithium-Ion battery is the best choice, although more expensive certainly worth the additional expense.

The benefit of the Lithium-Ion battery is that it does not retain a memory and has a very quick recharge time of 3 to 4 hours. Think of the battery in your cell phone or lap top computer as an example.

The EZ008 has a 36V 10Ah Polymer Lithium-Ion battery located in the rear wheel hub. This keeps the center of balance lower making this bike very stable.

Tidal Force bikes by Wavecrest used this system of the battery in the wheel however their bikes were still quite heavy at 78 pounds, compared to this one at 55 pounds.

The motor has 450W peak power and is located in the front wheel hub. The hub spins around the fixed stator and therefore there is no friction besides the usual wheel bearings. There is no drag from the motor because of the lack of friction and completely enclosed design, the motor nba live mobile cheats android is maintenance free.

The Electric Folding Mountain Bike will travel about 20 to 25 miles on one charge and you get almost double the distance by using the Pedal Assistance System, depending on rider weight and terrain.

Front and rear disc brakes are provided for stopping, much more efficient especially on hills. The gear changes are in the handle bar grips as is the twist throttle. The speed switch is thumb close, and the read out that gives you your remaining battery life is easily visible.

The frame folds in half to fit into a trunk easily, creating a nice tidy package, a well-engineered, user-friendly vehicle.

The Electric Folding Mountain Bike opened my life to many new experiences. Like traveling at check more 20 MPH without pedaling while passing other bike riders is an interesting experience on its own.

Personally, I had not been on a bike in years. I live in the Rocky Mountains and riding is very difficult, always up or down steep hills. For those like me who have bad knees or hips or don’t have the time/desire to get in shape for long hauls this tough bike is ideal.

The steep hill climb home is no problem, making this a very enjoyable bike to ride whether commuting to work or just cruising around town.

I appreciate that the Electric Folding Mountain Bike can be used by a spouse to join the more athletic member of the family on biking excursions.

While riding you have your choice of riding manually, using the pedal assist system (PAS) or putting the bike on straight electric. The real benefit is the visit our website fact you can www.gratisclashofclanshack.nl/ pedal as much as you want. You choose how much exercise you desire.

This bike brings back the enjoyment of mobility and the pleasure of riding again without worrying about being unable to climb hills and having to walk/push my bike up them.

I was impressed, but what really sold me was how easy this bike was able to alter my riding habits. Like me, you will look to find excuses to use the Electric Folding Mountain Bike as often as possible.

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