A Quick Fix To Yellow Light Of Death Of A Playstation 3

February 23rd, 2013 by Victoria Racimo

A Quick Fix to Yellow Light of Death of a PlayStation 3

Yellow Light of Death is an indicator that there exist a problem in the internal parts and the motherboard in a PlayStation 3. If the gadget has warranty, it can be taken back to the company for exchange but of course at an extra cost of shipping that sometimes is almost an equivalent to buying a new gadget. Other repair costs and shipping charges from repair centers are also exorbitant and does not make economic sense to repair compared to buying a new gadget thus the importance of know-how in fixing the problem yourself.

The main cause that results to the Yellow Light of Death is the use of emerging and new trends in materials that are used in the soldering and manufacturing which has replaced the better and superior older materials that were initially used in manufacturing and soldering. The use of new materials in a period of time renders the solder connections to the motherboard loose and thus the connection to the motherboard is cut off. The gadget will stop functioning in order to prevent electric fires that can be caused by short-circuit. The yellow light thus alerts the owner of this problem.

Since the problem is primarily caused by loose connections, one might be tempted to solder the broken connections to rectify the problem. However, this proves difficult to identify the exact position to solder since the connections in the box are normally tiny with very many pieces connected together and many owners prefer to ship the unit back to the manufacturer for repair. The easier way to correct the problem is by cooking.

Cooking as a means of rectifying the Yellow Light of Death involves the use of a heat gun that works with the same principle as a hair blow dryer but it gets much hotter compared to the hair blow dryer. A hair blow dryer could have been used to rectify the problem but it does not get hot enough. After turning the heat gun to medium heat, get the unplugged PlayStation rear vents facing you and blow the hot air into the back of the box for 10-15 minutes. This process will make the solder joint reset itself. Place the unit in check here front of a fan to cool it down and the unit will now work.

If the Yellow Light of Death problem is not fixed after blowing the hot air into the unit, repeat the process again and blow the hot air for a slightly longer time. If the problem persists further, try the process for another time and if the unit still fails to come on then send it to the manufacturer for repair or replace it. In the unlikely event that this fails, unplug the console from the power source and any cables and allow good ventilation to the casing in order to cool down any overheating or replace the hard drive.

Fixing the Yellow Light of Death by cooking is much easier and practical way to correct the problem click more at home compared to trying to find the loose connections and soldiering them back. The inside of the unit is full of connections and identifying the loose connections and trying to soldier them back in not an easy task since soldiering the wrong short circuits can actually make the problem worse. When cooking use the heat gun and not the hair blow dryer since it would not be useful in solving this problem. This method is easy and save your money before thinking of shipping http://www.gratisclashofclanshack.nl/clashofclanshack/ your unit visit our website for repair.

Yellow Light of Death Fix It is always a better option to get your PlayStation 3 repaired quickly and as soon as it gets faulty so that you do not risk it further getting any problems. A PlayStation 3 console is very precious for many people and hence it should be taken care of. Click here for PlayStation 3 Repair Service

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