JCC Board to Revisit Staggered Terms

September 12th, 2012 by Desiree Parker


jcc_new_logoThe James City County Board of Supervisors will soon be revisiting its 2011 decision to end staggered terms, thanks to a request by Supervisor Wilford Kale on Tuesday night.


At the end of Tuesday’s meeting, Kale said he wanted the Board to advertise the item for a vote at the Oct. 9 meeting. The issue had been bothering him since he came on the Board in March, he said, and he had been researching it for many months before taking the action.

Kale said he wanted the Board to tackle his suggestion before the upcoming election so members could have “a nonpartisan discussion” of the issue “without any intrusiveness into other elections.”

December last year, Republicans still had a majority on the Board; at the time, they voted to end staggered terms, making 2015 the first year all five members would be up for reelection.

Before that vote, the Jamestown and Powhatan district elections happened in the same year, and the next three seats were up for election two years later. The citizen redistricting committee earlier last year had suggested to the board that they eliminate this system because a “significant percentage” of county residents were sometimes not able to vote for a period of six years if their districts change, an argument championed by two committee members at the time. Board Democrats argued at the time the decision was rushed for political reasons.

The Board voted to support Kale’s request; Supervisor Mary Jones dissented and Supervisor Jim Kennedy was absent for the vote.

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2 Responses to JCC Board to Revisit Staggered Terms

  1. Bob R.

    September 12, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Supervisor Kale gets it and should be applauded for attempting to correct this deceitful wrong by the Republican Supervisors.

    Quadrennial Elections do nothing to eliminate disenfranchisement. Simply look out 2 election cycles and once again after the 2020 census and redistricting process you end up with disenfranchised voters once again.

    Aligning the election cycles was nothing more than ANOTHER political and unethical tactic in an attempt to remove Supervisor Icenhour from the JCC BOS.

    For background on this topic at the last minute 12/20/2011 meeting, see my attempt at citizen comment and the resultant suspension of democracy by reviewing this 11 minute exchange and comment from that meeting.


  2. CN

    September 13, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Huzzah! The concurrent terms work against the democratic process. It forces the 5 members to run as a pack. If one entire board should get voted out, then a whole new board comes in with little or no institutional memory. And that goes for both the Supervisors and the School Board. Reinstate staggered terms! Huzzah!

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