10 Questions With Walsingham’s Salutatorian

May 30th, 2012 by Amber Lester

EniKrujaMeet Walsingham Academy salutatorian Eni Kruja, who hails from Albania, but will next become a resident of Michigan. Read about her future plans and past accomplishments.

1. Age: 18

2. Birthplace: Tirana, Albania

3. Plans for the future? “I plan on attending University of Michigan – double major in Political Science and Economics. Upon graduating from U of M, I plan to attend law school.”

4. Extracurricular activities? “Athletic: Track and Field, Swimming, Jujitsu; Clubs: Art Club, National Honor Society.”

5. If money were no object, my dream job would be: “To be Formula 1 driver.”

6. On the weekends, I’m: “Walking around Colonial Williamsburg with my friends, staying up all night watching movies and talking, reading books sitting on the roof, and working on Calculus homework.”

7. My summer agenda includes: “Volunteering at the Williamsburg Library, reading all the books I have always wanted to read and going to the beach every weekend.”

8. Person I most admire is: “My sister, because she is always able to see goodness in people and never lets life keep her down.”

9. Theme song: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly

10. Most cherished high school memory: “3 a.m. excursions to IHOP every month.”

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