Get Schooled: Jamestown Students Take Sign Language Interpreter Test

December 30th, 2011 by Amber Lester


It’s the second week of holiday break, so most students are enjoying sleeping in, playing with new toys and decidedly not thinking about school. That doesn’t mean I don’t have some school-related tidbits to share, though. Several Jamestown students are taking steps toward becoming sign language interpreters, York County is planning a job fair and Blayton students just enjoyed their first harvest!

Jamestown HS Students Hope to Become Certified ASL Interpreters


From left: Melinda Araguz, Giovanna Messina, Erin Bruce and Chase Terry.

Twelve Jamestown High School students studying American Sign Language recently traveled to the Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Richmond to take the written portion of the Virginia Quality Assurance Screening.

The students aim to become certified in sign language interpretation, and the test is generally given in two parts: written and performance. The written portion is a series of ethical questions concerning the field of interpreting. Students who pass the written portion have three years to take the performance portion, which tests their transliterating and interpreting abilities. Once certified, the students could pursue work in the field of sign language interpreting in Virginia.

Eight of the 12 students passed with a 90 percent or higher. The following students earned a passing score: Kareem Christian, Krista Hunter, Nycole Taliaferro, Giovanna Messina, Chase Terry, Renee Carroll, Erin Bruce and Melinda Araguz.

York to Host Teacher Job Fair in March

Teachers who aspire to work in York County should circle March 3 in their 2012 calendars. On that day, the school division will host its annual job fair.

The job fair will be from 8 to 11 a.m. on March 3 at Tabb High School.

Candidates must be fully qualified. Candidates possessing provisional or conditional teaching licenses will not receive screening interviews at the fair. Actual job interviews with principals are not held during the job fair, but are scheduled at individual schools.

Applicants should bring multiple copies of their resumes to share, because each school’s administrators will be on hand to ask questions. The school division encourages applicants to fill out the online application in advance.

Blayton Students Eat Their Harvest

Blayton_SaladJ. Blaine Blayton Elementary students now know the joys of eating vegetables planted in one’s own garden.

They recently harvested vegetables planted in their Bumblebee Garden earlier this year, and prepared them for a delicious salad. The salad contained mixed greens, beets and carrots, all grown at the school.

In the picture, Blayton Elementary Principal Paula Huffman and Assistant Principal Scott Holland join kindergarteners Jocelyn Delgado and Jaki Brooks to enjoy the harvest.

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