Hampton Roads Academy’s Class of 2011 Graduates Today

May 28th, 2011 by Amber Lester

The Class of 2011 will leave Hampton Roads Academy behind today after their graduation, but their accomplishments won’t soon be forgotten. The class earned more than $4 million in academic scholarships and awards. Read on to see where the graduates will be going next year, and details about their awards and honors.

Class of 2011

• Thomas Kervin Anderson, Virginia Tech

• Matthew Chase Anton, Radford University

• William Taylor Atkins, Hofstra University

• Benjamin Gordon Avery, Carnegie Mellon University

• Katharine Wickes Bacon, Virginia Tech

• William Justis Banning, Hampden-Sydney College

• Aleck Dean Berry, University of Virginia

• Alexandra Klara Luciana Botlo, University of Virginia

• David Charles Bowen, Jr., Elon University

• Zachary Vincent Braig, College of William and Mary

• Samuel Robert Brecker, College of William and Mary

• Samuel David Brody-Boyd, Grinnell College

• Parker Joseph Bryant, Randolph-Macon College

• Caelen Tyler Burke, Christopher Newport University

• Imari Tiana Elizabeth Caldwell, Virginia Wesleyan College

• Brittain Alexandra Campana, James Madison University

• Samuel Clark Campbell, Virginia Commonwealth University

• Leigh Anne Casey, University of Alabama

• Mara Albany Chandler, University of Mary Washington

• Peter Laurence Chiappa, Carnegie Mellon University

• Shaun Michael Chopp, Randolph College

• Edward James Clark, Auburn University

• Jordan Peirce Connell, James Madison University

• Christopher Michael Connolly, College of William and Mary

• Sean Morgan Davis, East Carolina University

• Justin C. DeChirico, Hampden-Sydney College

• Shivani Manu Desai, Radford University

• John Patrick Dunnigan, East Carolina University

• Eva Maren Erb, Friedrich-Magnus-Schwerd-Gymnasium, Speyer, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland

• Brian Alexander Fuller, College of William and Mary (W&M Scholar)

• Elizabeth Anne Geier, Franklin College, Switzerland

• Christina Ellen Hudson, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

• Erik William Joseph, James Madison University

• Bo Mi Kim, Pennsylvania State University

• Young Kyoung Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology

• Jolie Renee Kipper, Virginia Tech

• Charles Benjamin Lanning, University of Virginia

• Molly O’Brien Lash, Boston University

• Andrew Fleming Maser, Hampden-Sydney College

• Alexander Blaine Masters, University of Alabama

• Kerry Pace McGee, George Mason University

• James Alan Mitcham, United States Military Academy Preparatory School

• Nicholas Dean Mobley, University of Richmond

• Benjamin Alan Morter, University of Maryland

• Lynn Lucia Nakamura, College of William and Mary

• Gemma Lee Pansch, University of Richmond

• Ian David Peterson, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

• Jackson Jon Peterson, College of William and Mary

• Marshall Alexander Pierce, Virginia Tech

• John Moran Quarstein, Virginia Commonwealth University

• Jacob Grove Ramey, Longwood University

• Nicole Marie Rento, Brown University

• Benjamin Lewis Rhodes, Hampden-Sydney College

• Taylor Rochelle Ridley, Spelman College

• Aidan Alexander Rogowski, Davidson College

• Reem Safadi, George Mason University

• Austin Mayhew Sarfan, University of Chicago

• Sydney Renee Sarfan, Virginia Tech

• Emalee Lloyd Sarrett, Meredith College

• Joseph Braden Saunders, University of South Carolina

• David John Schengber, Jr., James Madison University

• Kathryn Graham Schwarting, University of Virginia

• Jaielle Amelia Scott, Old Dominion University

• Anthony Jamal Sibley, EF Academic Year Abroad; Beijing, China

• Lauren Winter Strup, James Madison University

• Siyao Sun, Cornell University

• Chuxi Sun, University of Virginia

• Jessie Elizabeth Suttle, University of South Carolina

• Trevor McNeil Topping, East Carolina University

• Caitlyn Nicole Unsworth, Columbia University

• Robyn Kelley Walters, Virginia Tech

• Marika Sophia Yasuda, Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Awards and Distinctions

Class Officers

President: Anthony Jamal Sibley

Vice President: Siyao Sun

Secretary: Kerry Pace McGee

Treasurer: Kathryn Graham Schwarting

Historian: Molly O’Brien Lash

Caitlyn Nicole Unsworth received the Hampton Roads Academy Senior Headmaster’s Honors Award, endowed by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Wash. It is presented to the senior who has attained the highest academic achievement in all courses during the current year.

Peter Laurence Chiappa received the Senior Valedictory Award in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cox for maintaining the highest academic average during his career at the Academy.

Chiappa also received the Hampton Roads Academy Service Award in honor of Mrs. Robert L. Trimpi. The award is given to the student who has most unselfishly served the Academy in the past year, based on consistency of effort and loyalty to the ideals represented by the Academy’s founding.

Brian Alexander Fuller received the Lee Award, given annually in memory of Mr. Joseph E. Carpenter, who was a trustee of HRA for 30 years. The recipient is a graduate who, through genuine enthusiasm for school activities and active concern for the rights and feelings of other people, has contributed significantly to the development of school spirit and morale.

Gemma Lee Pansch was chosen to receive the Moonves Award, presented in memory of Mrs. Sylvia F. Moonves to the student who, through conscientious effort, high ambition and courage, outstanding character and excellent deportment, has made HRA a better and friendlier place to live.

Lynn Lucia Nakamura received the Academy’s highest honor, The Hampton Roads Academy Navigator Award. It was established in memory of Mrs. Elinor Hedrick Buxton by her family and is based upon significant scholastic achievement, outstanding leadership, high personal standards and demonstration of sound citizenship.

National Merit Scholarship Recipient: Aleck Dean Berry

National Merit Scholarship Finalist: Peter Laurence Chiappa

National Merit Commended: Aleck Dean Berry, Nicholas Dean Mobley, Lynn Lucia Nakamura and Austin Mayhew Sarfan

National Achievement Scholarship Finalist: Anthony Jamal Sibley

Engineers Club of the Peninsula Award: Peter Laurence Chiappa

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Anthony Jamal Sibley

Dr. John Orders Senior Project Award: Molly O’Brien Lash, Justin C. DeChirico, Peter Laurence Chiappa, Benjamin Lewis Rhodes, Charles Benjamin Lanning, Benjamin Gordon Avery, Aidan Alexander Rogowski, Gemma Lee Pansch and Samuel Robert Brecker

Theater Award: William Taylor Atkins

Technical Theater Award: Peter Laurence Chiappa

Director’s Award (Strings): Brian Alexander Fuller

AP Studio Art Award: Austin Mayhew Sarfan

AP Senior English Award: Charles Benjamin Lanning

Senior English Award: William Taylor Atkins

French Award: Elizabeth Anne Geier

Spanish Award: Kathryn Graham Schwarting

AP Government Award: Brian Alexander Fuller

Senior Government Elective Award: Anthony Jamal Sibley

AP Psychology Award: Sydney Renee Sarfan

Katherine W. Booth Award: Caitlyn Nicole Unsworth

Mu Alpha Theta Award: Young Kyoung Kim

Ann B. Fichter Senior Mathematics Award: Peter Laurence Chiappa

AP Physics: Siyao Sun

Physics: Charles Benjamin Lanning

AP Biology: Kathryn Graham Schwarting

AP Environmental Science: Thomas Kevin Anderson

AP Chemistry: Peter Laurence Chiappa

Yearbook Award: William Taylor Atkins, Charles Benjamin Lanning

Outstanding Senior Athletic Awards: William Justis Banning, Nicole Marie Rento


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