Dr. Decipher: Test Your Hampton Roads Medical Knowledge

August 30th, 2010 by Dr. Decipher

dr_decipherIt’s time for some fun.  Test your local medical trivia knowledge with questions pertaining to our area, complete with prizes forcanada goose jakke pris winners. Good luck; remember to answer “what is” first and add up your score.

1. Medical History for 1 point:  What Army physician, born in Belroi (Gloucester) in 1851, was instrumentalcanada goose femme prix in studying and conquering yellow fever in 1901?  Hint: A large Army hospital and a smaller Parajumpers Jacka Herr facility on the Middle Peninsula are named for him?

2. Medical History for 2 points:  During Colonial times, physicians used this instrumentmoncler nederland to pierce blood vessels because it was believed that bleeding was beneficial for restoring health.

3. Health Insurance for 1 point: This health plan, widespread in our area, is administered by Sentara Health System.

4. Herbal Remedies for 1 point: This alternative medication has been touted as an aid to sleep, especiallycanada goose femme occasion after jet lag frommoncler jassen flights such as those to Newport News Williamsburg Regional Airport.

5. Hospitals for 2 points: There are two trauma centers in Hampton Roads; one is a level 1, the other a level 2. Name them.

6. Hospitals for 1 point:  There are three competing health systems in the area, all with hospitals, clinics and physician affiliations. Name them.

7. Physicians for 1 point:  Name the best, most knowledgeable and down-to-earth physician in the Historic Triangle.

8. Ailments for 1 point: This painful marine envenomation, parajumper  common at Yorktown Beach, can be treated by pouring vinegar on the lesion.  One prevalent myth is that urination Canada Goose Dame on the skin lesion is best.

9. Medical History for 2 points: Name the location of the “Public Hospital for Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds,” the first in North America, which opened in 1773.
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10. Hospitals for 1 point: Riverside Health System had to obtain this from the State Health Commissioner in order to construct their proposed Doctor’s Hospital in Williamsburg at Quarterpath Rd.


1. Who is Dr. Walter Reed? (the Cuban Dr. Carlos Finley first proposed the theory that Yellow Fever’s vector was the mosquito; Reed confirmed it).

2. What is a fleam, lancet, or scarificator? (I also will accept leeches).

3. What is Optima?

4. What is melatonin?

5. What are Riverside Regional (level 2) and Sentara Norfolk General (level 1)?

6. What are Riverside Health System, Sentara Health System and Bon Secours?

7. This is a gimme – write in your favorite doc and get a point; but if you answered Dr. Decipher, you get an additional bonus point!

8. What is a jellyfish sting?

9. What is Williamsburg? (Originally located just south of Francis St, forerunner of Eastern State Hospital).

10. What is a Certificate of Need?


10-14: Excellent, you are eligible for the grand prize of picking a future blog topic; send your request and I will choose the most intriguing one to research.

6-10: Not bad, you get a free subscription to wydaily.com (haha), just register online.
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1-5:  You better stick to Wheel of Fortune.

How did you do? Did anybody get a 13 (or14)? Alex Trebek, look out!

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