People ‘Looking’ for Williamsburg

May 31st, 2010 by Kim Lenz

If it seems like the world has come to Williamsburg this weekend, it could be because “patriotic getaways” is a Yahoo search on the rise.

That’s according to a story in USAToday, which put Williamsburg among Yahoo! Travel’s top five most searched destinations in May. Sharing the designation are Las Vegas, Orlando, Italy and Napa Valley – a disparate grouping if ever.

The story labeled Las Vegas and Orlando “perennial frontrunners,” but suggested interest in CW-type destinations may be part of a “mini-trend.” Also on the rise are Yahoo searches for state parks, RV parks and camping-related site.

While patriot getaways may be on the upswing, the 2010 Family Vacation Survey by Hotwire’s Travel Ticker found – perhaps unsuprisingly – that 97 percent of parents who go on family vacations want a trip the whole family will enjoy. The surprise is that 62 percent of the parents surveyed also feel their family vacations end up being only about their children’s preferences.

In fact, 80 perecent of respondents said they’d had their fill of theme parks – the Historic Triangle’s other staple – and would seek summer fun with their kids elsewhere if price and planning were as easy.

Getting back to the theme of those May Internet searches, the Triangle did not make Priceline’s list of the top 50 destinations (figured by rooms booked). The “Virginia Beach area” was 44th, and leading the way was Chicago’s Millennium Park.

One Response to People ‘Looking’ for Williamsburg

  1. Anonymous

    May 31, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Here’s a great chance for Colonial Williamsburg to make good on their new promise to be more collaborative and cooperative with the rest of the community. CW should create links on their website to the other local attractions, restaurants, and hotels.

    CW’s willingness to do this can be taken as an indication of the authenticity of their new vow to be more collaborative with other local businesses.

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