Racimo con Brio: Come On, 2010

December 31st, 2009 by Kim Lenz



“Twas the night before two-ten and all thru the house, every American was stirring, two- thousand-nine was a louse.”


What a year! Can’t pick up a paper or read a magazine without coming across some reference to the woes and ills of 2009. Darkness across the board. I know of no one who isn’t glad it’s coming to an end. Fodder for politicos and op eds. On the check-out line, in the holding pen at airports, in taxi cabs.  Unless you won a lotto or your pre-nup came thru, aren’t we all eager to say so long to the year that just was?


I call this the numbers decade: We started off anticipating world-wide seismic chaos as Y2K approached and crept away.  Then 9/11 struck us deep, always will. Madoff bilked innocents of billions. One life was one too many that H1N1 took. On and on. What are the numbers – the foreclosures, the lost jobs, the venerable and not so venerable institutions/companies that fell? How many? How much our debt?

How many theatre, opera, dance and orchestra companies folded, taking with them countless other related jobs?

Will two ten be better? Don’t we all raise a glass with hope.

Last night I went to see the play “Social Security” at the Kimball Theatre. It’s not an earth shatteringly written play nor is it meant to be. And it’s certainly acted and directed well enough. It’s a broad-based comedy about human situations we might face at one time or another, of family trials and errors.

When I walked into the Kimball Theatre, I was struck by the completely sold-out house.  Fifteen minutes before curtain, not one seat left. After a year of writing off and on about theatres and the arts in trouble, this was a warming and uplifting sight to me. A packed theatre on a cold, windy, Tuesday night.

What’s my correlation? I felt as though last night was a harbinger of better things to come. I was suddenly wishing it was New Year’s Eve. This sweet, laughing, crying audience could be, one person at a time, part of a signal that better times will come – that the numbers decade is over

2 Responses to Racimo con Brio: Come On, 2010

  1. Anonymous

    December 31, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    How refreshing to read something positive. Americans have always strived to do the impossible by way of the improbable and a lot of times pulled it off. Why? because we have hope and faith and a belief that we can do it. Lately all you hear is what doesn’t work or will go wrong a positive view is what we need and it sure can’t hurt anything.
    Thank you

  2. Anonymous

    January 4, 2010 at 5:15 am

    An excellent summary analysis of the predominantly intrinsic feelings and hopes of composite America, Ms. Racimo; thank you and all others who are not afraid to voice optimism.. it gives proof through the night that our Flag is still there…

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