Green Building Confab Coming to JCC

February 28th, 2009 by WY Daily Staff
Green Building Confab Coming to JCC

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What makes a building green – aside from using a lot of paint – and why is James City County interested?

In an effort to save energy and build a sustainable future, JCC will begin their Green Building Design Roundtable meetings on Monday, Mar. 2.

The group, comprised of 26 members from private businesses, JCC officials and Williamsburg-James City County Schools, will begin discussing how they can incorporate green building practices in future projects and present structures.

JCC’s newest police station, for example, will be discussed as a candidate for green certification.

“When the Roundtable meets, it is my hope we establish best green building practices that create a healthy, sustainable community, but also, James City County becomes recognized as a ‘Green Community’ that will create jobs at the same time,” said board of supervisors chairman James Kennedy of the Stonehouse district.


A green certified building saves energy, water and is supposed to disturb less land by reusing the land around it. For example, the roof can be designed to catch rain water and reuse it in the toilets or to water plants in and around the building.

Also, the builder can plant vegetation on the roof to counteract carbon dioxide output and insulate the building, which in turn requires less energy consumption. Tinted, thick-paned energy saving windows can be installed to keep out the sun’s heat.

“I look forward to participating on the Roundtable and providing the support to ensure that sustainable design is implemented within our community,” said Kennedy.

The meetings are open to the public, but no formal comment or hearings periods will be offered.

Some private sector members include Wal-Mart, Busch Gardens, Belden Landscaping and Guernsey Tingle Architects. Public officials include members of the board of supervisors, planning commission, code compliance and the office of housing development.

Meetings will be held every first Monday of each month at 4 p.m. in building C of the government complex on Mounts Bay Road.

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