The Dish: Julia Fitchett, The Kitchen Restaurant

August 30th, 2008 by WY Daily Staff

The Dish: Julia Fitchett, The Kitchen Restaurant

The Dish asks a different restaurateur each week for their three favorite menu items at another restaurant. Two of them have to be local. All of them are bound to be good.

This week’s Disher: Julia Fitchett is Chef De Cuisine at “The Kitchen Restaurant” located inside Diamond Resorts’ Powhatan Plantation, 3601 Ironbound Rd. in Williamsburg. If you’ve been reading The Dish regularly you’ll notice Julia is the first woman to sit in as our Disher. Sarah Palin, first woman on the GOP presidential ticket, Julia Fitchett first female chef/Disher – we’re just saying!

Julia Fitchett

Julia started her cooking career at Colonial Williamsburg, working under Executive Chef Hans Schadler. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University in 1997 with an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at The Kitchen Restaurant, you probably know Julia through her participation in numerous community events like Hospice Support Care of Williamsburg, the AIDS benefit auction, Child Development Resources events, among a slew of others. Or maybe you’ve had the grand experience of dining with then-Sen. George Allen at the Governor’s Mansion and eating Julia’s meal.

You get the picture: She knows food.

Number 1Hey, it’s another first for The Dish: Korean food. Julia says Kyung Sung Korean Restaurant down in Newport News is a nice, little family-run Korean restaurant. Let’s let Julia tell us: “Simple and tasty! Beef bogolgi is my favorite with their homemade kimchi to spice it up a notch or two! To add a little more sweat have a warm sake! All in all it’s great Korean fare!”

Kyung Sung Korean Restaurant

13748 Warwick Blvd.

Newport News, VA 23602-5423


Number 2Who among us doesn’t have a regular hankering for a great sandwich or pizza? Julia’s favorite spot to address that craving is Florimonte’s Deli, a unique place she says is worthy of sitting a spell.

Added bonus? “The fragrance of the bakery is enough to draw you inside,” says Julia, who realizes first a sandwich or pizza, then a little dessert is the way a perfect world works. Florimonte’s, she says, brings “a little of New York to Williamsburg and then you can feed your sweet tooth right next door!”

Florimonte’s Deli

5251 John Tyler Highway

Williamsburg 23185


Florimonte’s Deli online

Number 3The number 3 spot for any Disher is the wildcard that doesn’t have to be local. Julia chooses Paris – not Texas, or Illinois or any of those other small-town locales with the fancy name. She’s pointing us to the real Paris, where “just about any corner café or bakery will be an experience, as you walk through the streets of Paris there are many tempting the taste buds! Just pick one! And then another! And another! Bon Appetit!”

We like how Julia thinks. If you think you can handle the diminished dollar in Paris today, we suggest you head over to Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport or Norfolk International Airport to book that ticket today.

Have a favorite chef you’d like to see as The Disher dujour? Email with your suggestion and we’ll put that chef on our menu.

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