Williamsburg Coffee Beanery Closes

July 31st, 2008 by WY Daily Staff
Williamsburg Coffee Beanery Closes

Outside the closed Coffee Beanery on Jamestown Road in Williamsburg

Coffee shops have become the informal conference rooms for small meetings. Order a latte, open your laptop and settle in to solve the problems of the world.

Given the daily volume of just that kind of activity, one would hardly think that the Coffee Beanery on Jamestown Road was facing a struggle to survive. William and Mary students and professors, people doing business, volunteers and relaxed retirees all populated the Beanery.

Maybe it’s because the costs of food and beverages have gone up faster than some places can raise their prices, or too many people nursed the same mug all two hours of their occupation on the limited booths – the letter on the locked door didn’t let on:

To all our loyal customers;

We regret having to close the store; it was a hard decision for the owners.

The employees of the Beanery would like to thank you for standing by us when things started getting rough. We all hoped that it would come through in the end. We do not know the future of the store. It may reopen; it is just not something we know-but are hoping that it will make a comeback.

For those that have any gift cards, they are still redeemable at the Patrick Henry Mall store-in Newport News.

We will miss all of you!

Lloyd & Terry (owners)

WYDaily contacted the owners, but did not receive a response. The Newport News Beanery owners were not available, but the employee answering the phone had no idea the Williamsburg store had closed.

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